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 What you seek is seeking you. -Rumi


  • Coaching is about looking forward and moving forward.
  • Coaching is being ready and willing to take action, be in action, make changes, move towards your future.
  • Coaching is shifting your thinking into a better space, a more positive space. 
  • Coaching is deciding to be, do, or have things that matter to you, that are heartfelt, that are true to you.
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Here are some of my favorite speeches and topics. I can, also, create one to fit your needs. If you are interested, please contact me.


  • What Makes a Great Speech? And Why Does it Even Matter?
  • Your Thoughts Become Things. How to Manifest the Life & Work You Really Want to Have.
  • You Were Born Into a Story. You Can Choose to Change it at Anytime. Here's How.
  • The Power of No. Tips on Why & How to Say No.
  • A Value Based Life & Business. It's Simple. It's Powerful.
  • How to Make Friends & Network More Effectively.
  • Stuck? How to Get Unstuck with a Few Powerful Questions.
  • It is Never Too Late to Start on Your Dreams, Your Goals, Your Health.
  • The Power of a Mastermind Group. Here's How to Create Your Own.